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7 important eruptions in Iceland

Volcanoes have shaped Iceland’s landscapes for at least 16,000,000 years! The hexagonal cliffs, black sand beaches, and ancient lava caves are all evidence of explosive volcanic activity. When visiting Iceland, you’ll find vast lava fields where astronauts train for a trip to the moon, and you’ll soak in natural hot springs that are heated by […]
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13 Bars and Clubs to Check Out In Reykjavik

Reykjavik comes alive at night. At the weekend, some of the clubs will stay open until 5:30 am, with people dancing right until kick-out time. But if you’d rather sip a good beer in a cosy booth, there are plenty of great microbars serving local brews to check out too. This article will tell you […]

How long are flights to Iceland?

You can get to Iceland by plane or ferry. But a word of warning. The ferry from Denmark takes between 2 and 3 days to arrive, so it’s not the most practical option for shorter trips. The simpler option would be to fly to Reykjavik airport, which is well connected to Europe and North America. […]